Irish Snow and Somerset Dreams

Time for a long overdue catch up after a busy few weeks.  Myself and the boys took a trip back to my parents in Northern Ireland, neatly coinciding with the Worst Weather Ever.  Seriously, the snow hit when we arrived and didn’t let up until we left.  I don’t mind a bit of snow, and it did feel super cosy but we had great plans to stay in my parents caravan by the coast which were completely scuppered of course, as a stay in a snow covered tin box isn’t anyone’s idea of a good time (except perhaps my 3 year old who was still keen to give it a go, despite the weather).Image

Back in Bristol, we began to tackle the exciting and slightly nervewracking task of searching for our new home.  We lived in London for many years and then moved to Bristol around 18 months ago, and although we love the city, we feel that we haven’t got the move quite right and would like something a little less urban.  Myself and husband feel we have had a long stint of living without enough space, this was all well and good when life revolved around socialising and hangovers, but now that we have two little boys to think of – space and access to nature feel like a priority.  So we are looking at village life and spending most weekends checking out potential new areas.

We have fallen in love with a number of villages in the stunning Chew Valley, Somerset.  The area seems to be perfect -access to the cities of Bath and Bristol, with beautiful countryside, great community spirit, fantastic schools and family nearby. Its certainly not the cheapest area and so far we haven’t found a house that ticks all the boxes.  We have probably rushed decisions on previous moves so we are taking our time on this one and listening to our gut instinct in a bid to find that special place that feels like home.

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