Camping at Beeches Farm

We are just back from a glorious little camping trip to the fantastic Beeches Farm, just a hop over the bridge from us here in Bristol, in the stunning Wye Valley.  I first heard of Beeches through the excellent blog Yellow Fields Camping and then when I heard someone raving about it in my local hairdressers, I decided fate was telling me this was the spot for our first camping trip of the year.

We have only got into the whole camping scene in the last couple of years and have come a long way from that first trip with friends 2 years ago where we rocked up virtually empty handed, having quickly bought a cheapie Argos tent en route (thank goodness our companions were better prepared!).  We have now got a decent tent that we love and just about the right amount of kit to allow us to have a comfortable time. 

I just love camping, it is especially enjoyable now that we have kids – allowing them all that precious time spent in nature, away from their sometimes hectic little lives.  I find lots of the rituals and tasks that are off putting to some  – collecting water, washing dishes and cooking outdoors, are actually completely calming and therapeutic to me.  Also, nothing beats that first cuppa in a dewey field of a morning (preferably in an enamel mug for full effect!).

So anyway – Beeches Farm, its just the sort of site we like: campfires are allowed, lots of nooks and crannies for the kids to explore and generally a relaxed atmosphere. The most notable thing about this fantastic site are the views – wow, they are amazing! We had a great spot overlooking the Valley, and we never got tired of the sight that greeted us when we opened the tent.  The photo here doesn’t really do it justice but it gives you an idea…

ImageAnd it only improved in the evening, stunning sunsets…



Big boy and his Dad had a great old time walking in the woods just by the site, the bluebells and wild garlic were out in force

ImageThe facilities at the site were good and well kept – clean showers and toilets, washing up area and extensive recycling facilities.  The resident pigs and sweet little piglets were an added bonus and our big boy enjoyed his daily visits to them.  I was worried about baby boy staying warm enough at night but it turned out he was toasty each evening, thanks to all the  layers I invested in before we left.  

We will definitely return to this beautiful spot, and in the meantime have been busy booking up trips to new places throughout the rest of the summer – heres hoping for more sunshine!